Laurus Labs Shares Analysis | Laurus Labs Shares Fundamental Analysis

Laurus Labs Concall takeaways-:

* Crams including FDF and API are more than 25% currently.
* 80% of Future Capex in Non ARV.
* Huge FTF and Para IV opportunities post 2025 where drug market size is more than billion dollars.
*Expertise in Chiral chemistry, High potent capabilities.
* Will be among the top 5 Indian players according to reactor capacity soon.
* Have developed New complex API's in Non ARV space.
* 1500-1700cr capex plan by end of FY23, 213 capex done in this quarter.
* New 500cr capex will be happening in CDMO. Asset turn will be around 1.4.
* CDMO- Multiple opportunities here due to their process innovation expertise and reactor capacity.
* Acquiring 25 acres of land which will have the potential for 3-4 million litres fermentation capacity. In phase 1  will start with 1 million litres.
Current Capacity -1.8 lakhs by Q3.
I feel a long runway for growth with multiple levers is in place. CDMO and Biologics will be the future growth drivers and with the impeccable execution capability and chemistry expertise of the company, Laurus will positively surprise us every now and then.
Invested and biased