This thread will answer the most common question you ask yourselves several times, WHY should we be investing in stock markets.
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1. Inflation
Costs are rising and the benefit of buying influence of cash is diminishing. The inflation in India throughout the previous few years has been around 4-5%. In the event that you purchase good stocks,you can make a respectable steady return of 12-18%/annum

2. Put resources into Stocks Because You'll Make More Than Other Investments
Glancing back at history, by and large, financial backers have benefitted more from purchasing stocks than from purchasing bonds, purchasing a home, or most other venture alternatives.

3. Make money work for you
You simply need to sit idle after investing in good co.s. Your cash will develop as the organization flourishes. In the interim, you can utilize your opportunity to zero in on your essential work or in the manner in which you need.

4. They're Easy to Invest In
Stocks are quick, simple, and modest to exchange, though land and numerous different speculations are not. Stocks are frequently called "liquid resources," which simply implies they can be transformed into cash moderately rapidly.

5. Small cap
There is a typical misinterpretation among numerous individuals that they need an enormous sum to master the stock market. You can contribute a modest quantity of cash and begin getting returns. This alternative isn't accessible in other ventures like land.

6. Alternate revenue source aka diversification
Fundamentally, the more ways you need to bring in cash, the less you're in danger from falling into monetary difficulty if any one technique gets upset. Investing can be second kind of revenue.

7. Saving for retirement
Numerous individuals put resources into their retirement accounts. Instead putting resources into stocks or index funds can be an extraordinary method to put something aside for retirement.

8. You Can Own Part of a Company You Love
At the point when you purchase even a solitary portion of an organization, you're authoritatively a section proprietor.
You own a piece of business without even starting one.

Well,these were the key points of why one should be investing into stock markets!Simplifying your stock market journey with these threads.
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