Stocks to invest 2 Lakhs for Long term in India

  1. Invest 50k in mutual funds for minimum 3 years locking period. Locking period is must, so that you can not take money while market go significantly high or low. Locking periods will help you to become an investor. You can invest 50k in 3–4 mutual funds. I will invest in 3 mutual funds for safety. Because one mutual fund can give bad returns.
  2. 20k in IRCTC
  3. 20K Infosys
  4. 20k HDFC BANK
  5. 20k nestle
  6. 20k Kotak Mahindra Bank
  7. 20k Asian Paint
  8. 20k Jublient Food (domino pizza)
  9. 10k IDFC First Bank

Total: 2Lakh


Ques: What is your expected rate of return?

Ans: I can not predict this but one thing I am hopeful it will be better than FD + inflation (6 + 6* = 12%). I am expecting a minimum of more than 12% return in long term (3–5years). For better return to can invest when the market crashes or significantly down (more than 10% from peak)


Ques: Will locking the amount in MF increases the returns and secondly, what if MF starts underperforming in the lock-in period

Ans: You can invest 50k in 3–4 mutual funds. I have invested in 5 mutual funds to overcome this issue.


Ques: Shouldn't we include gold bond or ETF and small case in it


Small case - i dont feel comfortable in small case. I want to add stock 1 by 1, in case of smallcase you have to add all in one. You can think of your portfolio as 1 smallcase. And managing 1 smallcase is always an easy task.

Gold - Gold has only given better return when they is a big problem in the world like Spanish flew (1920), Tech bubble, 2008 recession, corona. Other than that it doesn't give any good return. You can check the gold historic 100 years chart.

Etf: you can go with this.