10 Interesting Facts About Zomato | Unknown facts about Zomato | Zomato IPO

Dosa, butter chicken, delicious no and where can you find all of these, Zomato. 

So here are 10 interesting facts about Zomato.

  1. Fact number one: started as a food directory around 2008 people in Delhi were fed up with manual searching of delivery menus of different restaurants around them the pinder goyal and Pankachanda the founders of Zomato spotted this opportunity and launched a food directory service they called it foodie bay in just nine months it became the largest and most popular restaurant directory in all of Delhi wonder how foodie bay became the meadow check the next 
  2. Fact number two: rebranding of food eBay we always hear "Naam Karayi" but for startups and brands it becomes very important to have a quick catchy name which resonates with their business offerings with the same in mind the pindar and Pankaj rebranded their foodie bay as Zomato in 2010. when asked in an interview about rebranding the pinder said the basic idea was to make sure that the food was the crux of the brand's name and that people thought of food when they heard this term so Zomato is a play on the word tomato and also that they wanted to avoid any confusion in future with eBay when going international 
  3. number three: going public why do companies go public because they need funds so Zomato is planning to raise up to 7 300 crores through its IPO in 2021 this IPO will mostly be a 100 primary offering which means the amount will be raised without any existing investor exiting or selling the shares this will be one of the biggest IPO by a startup in India obviously it will be listed in India but they are also considering the option of overseas listing we are really pumped up about this news now we hope Zomato has a 50 off on their IPO lot for its loyal customers 
  4. number four: investing in Zomato, Zomato IPO is expected this year but what if you could somehow put your money in the matter today as of Feb 2021 info edge one of the investors in Zomato owns eighteen point four per cent stake in the company and guess what info edge is a publicly listed company already so by investing in info edge you can indirectly invest in Zomato's for now in Feb 2021 Zomato was valued at around 39 000 crores which are a little over half of what info edge is worth which is around 73 000 crores if you have already invested in info h you might have seen the stock going up wherever there is positive news about the matter you can any time check the performance of info h on our website tickertape.com 
  5. number five: becoming profitable lockdown has impacted a lot of businesses but Zomato rose like a champ its revenue grew from 1300 crores in FY 2019 to 2800 crores in FY 2020. it's already profitable at the EBITDA level in the food delivery business during q2 2020. it was burning about 290 crores every month but now generating about 28 crores in profits this growth rate will probably make Zomato king of the food delivery business in India 
  6. number six: going international being an Indian startup many people might think Zomato operates only in India in fact Zomato is present in more than 10 000 cities globally want to hear something exciting it's the only food delivering an app that operates in 24 countries like Sri Lanka the united kingdom the Philippines united Arab emirates Qatar and more these guys are going for it all 
  7. number seven: craze over the marketing from sending chole's batura invitation mail to using the delivery guy's happy face all over social media Zomato's marketing campaigns have been on point if you see it you can't ignore it it's like if it's the red colour it's probably as a matter their Zomato premier league campaign saw the participation of more than 40 lakh users to cheese buddy here must to attract all the people who love extra cheese this is the matter using Bollywood references at its best let us know in the comments about your favourite Zomato ad 
  8. number eight: most ordered dish well no surprises here tomatoes most ordered dish in India is biryani there were over 44 lakh orders placed on tomato just during the pandemic 2020. it's like Zomato delivered 22 biryanis every minute I feel like ordering a biryani right now 
  9. number 9: costliest order placed can you guess the most expensive order amount ten thousand twenty thousand fifty thousand no it was an astonishing two lakh rupees order to be precise it was a one lakh ninety-nine thousand nine fifty rupees order we wonder who this person is and for how many people's order was placed interestingly this person also got a discount enough to buy a new iPhone 12 mini 
  10. number 10: average daily orders on an average Zomato gets 12.5 lakh orders every day that is almost as many visitors as taj mahal gets from overseas in a month from pizza to momos people have ordered a large amount of food during the pandemic 
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