Stock For 2021: Housing Theme Stocks for Investors | Atmanirbhar Bharat Stocks

Real State and Related Sector

  1. Cement
  2. Steel
  3. Home Finance
  4. Paint
  5. Ceramic (Tile & Sanitary-ware):
  6. Paint
  7. light & Electrical hardware accessories
  8. Cable
  9. Ply
  10. Pipes
  11. Home Decor


  1. ACC
  2. Ambuja Cement
  3. Heidelberg Cement
  4. Star cement


  1. Tata Steel
  2. SAIL
  3. JSW Steel

Home Finance:

  1. HDFC,
  2. LIC Housing Finance,
  3. Avast financials
  4. Repco Home Finance


  1. Asian paints,
  2. Burger paints

Ceramic (Tile & Sanitaryware):

  1. Cera Sanitaryware,
  2. HSIL,
  3. Kajaria
  4. Somani Ceramics:


  1. Havells
  2. Crompton Greaves


  1. Polycab


  2. GreenPly
  3. Astral Poly


  1. FinoLex Pipes

Home Decor

  1. Pepperfry – Not Listed
  2. Urban Ladder – Reliance Retail
  3. HomeTown – Not Listed


We have been discussing the key investment themes for 2021 and in this part 2 edition of the same, we are going to be discussing the housing theme now housing is an evergreen theme and a pet of every government.

Housing for all by 2022

Housing segment has been a constant focus but despite that housing in India is far from adequate the government has accordingly prioritized housing for all by 2022 and is rightly firing on all the cylinders to boost the housing growth now incentives have been given to all the constituents be developers with higher fsi and tax benefit also to home loan borrowers with subsidy and the lower interest rates and the lenders with infrastructure status to affordable housing priority sector tax lower risk weights etc.

Now post the covid triggered price correction in the real estate sector there has been an impressive pickup in the secondary housing sales especially from the first time home buyers owing to increased affordability now the push for rural housing the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana is being complemented by a cohesive set of schemes such as Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojna that’s clean cooking gas fuel and Nal Se Jal piped water for all to enhance the housing infrastructure across the tier 3 and tier 4 towns

Now, on the other hand, the urban housing segment is also making a strong comeback due to its policy reforms such as the reduction in the Stamp Duties and also the advanced execution of products and projects under the Smart Cities Mission now despite the fiscal constraints we do expect higher focus and dispersals in the coming months as the government may rush to achieve its target as well now the government’s push is also likely as the economic growth has quite plummeted and housing has linkages with over 20 plus other sectors and sub-sectors and can definitely aid in fueling employment there.

For instance, housing is a key driver for the cement stocks as it contributes around 60 per cent of cement demand ACC, Ambuja Cement, Heidelberg cement and star cement are some of the key stocks that can really benefit from this theme in 2021. now housing will also remain the engine of economic growth because of its high yield on the invested resources now.

Many sub-segments like say paint, tile, sanitary wear, light, electricals hardware accessories etc thrive when housing activities take an upswing now Asian paints, Burger paints benefit, when the housing activity resumes also demand for sanitary wear positively, impacts Cera Sanitaryware, and HSIL, Kajaria and Somani Ceramics as well now Havells and Crompton Greaves also Polycab wires benefit from improving demand for electricals also when you see CENTURYPLY and GreenPly and Astral Poly and FinoLex Pipes they all benefit from the demand in the other hardware as well as the interior sectors now.

While the share of unorganized players is higher in many of these segments thanks to premiumization brand building and also expanding the distribution reach the large listed players stand to benefit from overall housing demand now building material and steel companies also stand to benefit under this team when you talk about Tata Steel, SAIL, JSW Steel all of them cap can be kept on the retire in the upcoming year also.

With the rise in demand for housing, the finance companies definitely benefit as well under this the investors can keep an eye on HDFC, LIC Housing Finance, Avast financials and also the Repco Home Finance talk

Now the economic impact of housing does not really end when a home is built in fact housing continues to be an economic force long after the construction through activities such as furnishing, decorating, remodelling of rooms, repairs, extensions also property alterations etc give rise to even the replacement demand and all of this will again be on the radar in 2021