10 things to know about Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Sundar Pichai is a name that arguably needs no introduction. The well-loved Google CEO has become a household name in the country. Pichai is 45 years old today.

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1. Had a modest upbringing

Sunder Pichai, whose full name is actually Pichai Sundararajan, spent his childhood in Chennai. His father is an electrical engineer, his mother is a stenographer, and he has a typical middle class.

2. Known to be a mnemonist

In childhood, Pichai is known for his excellent memory skills. According to reports, when he remembers every phone number he dialed on a rotating mobile phone, his family knew his talent.

3. Captained his high school cricket team

When Pichai came to India in 2015, he played a cricket match in New Delhi. Pichai attended Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan in Chennai, who is the captain of his high school team. While chatting with cricket commentator Harsha Bhogle, Pichai admits that he didn’t look at the T20 cricket.

4. Holds a degree in engineering and double masters

Pichai’s love of technology has made him a career choice. After completing his academic education, he obtained a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. He also holds a master’s degree from Stanford University and an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

5. Life before Google

Prior to joining Google, Pichai worked at Applied Materials and McKinsey & Company.

6. Joined Google in 2004

On April Fool’s Day in 2004, Google interviewed Sundar Pichai, a milestone in the company’s launch of Gmail on the same day. According to reports, he admitted that he initially thought that Gmail was one of the pranks of Google April Fools’ Day.

He joined Google to lead product management for Google Chrome and Chrome OS. He is also involved in Google Drive, Gmail and Google Maps.

7. Took over Android in 2013

In 2013, Sundar Pichai took over the portfolio of Android founder Andy Rubin. In 2014, Pichai’s pet project “Android One” was launched in India. The idea behind the project is to provide affordable smartphones on a global scale.

8. Became Larry Page’s ‘second in command’ in 2014

After working with Google on various projects (including Chrome, Apps, Android), Pichai was carefully selected by Larry Page to oversee most of the company’s product areas. Search, Maps, Google+, Business and Advertising, and Infrastructure have been added to Pichai’s expanding Google portfolio.

9. Excellent man manager

Pichai is described as gentle, little-known, and a long-term assistant to Larry Page. Pichai showed a passion for his team during his work at Marissa Mayer, when Marissa Mayer was Google’s chief executive. According to Amir Efrati of The Information, Pichai “had waited for hours outside the office to ensure she gave the team a stable job performance rating.”

In addition to his team management skills, Efrati also pointed out that Pichai also needs to put pressure when necessary. According to reports, this year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Pichai ” told Samsung’s mobile product leader, Google is willing to “abandon” the company’s huge telephone partnership.

10. Twitter and Microsoft wanted to hire him

In 2011, Sundar Pichai was replaced by Twitter near Jason Goldman, but he remained loyal to Google. In fact, even Microsoft is trying to poach him from Google, but it is reported that the tech giant negotiated to buy Pichai shares for $50 million a year.