13 Must-Have Product Manager Skills

  1. listen to your customers… to deeply understand their scenarios and problems
  2. stop listening to your customers… when it comes to building solutions
  3. watch the competition… to better understand customers problems, reactions & feedback
  4. don’t watch the competition… you don’t HAVE blindly copy every feature
  5. be a thief… take ideas from other products/people that help solve your customer problems
  6. get paid… validate that you create value that customers will pay for
  7. don’t only worry about getting paid… appeal to your customers social and emotional needs, not just functional needs
  8. speed up! Inaction & delay can be costly
  9. say no… for the right reasons. you can do anything once you stop trying to do everything
  10. don’t be a visionary… products don’t need visionaries, they need product managers who are obsessed with understanding the customer’s problem and solving it.
  11. don’t confuse yourself with your customers… you may use your product, but you are NOT ALL your customers
  12. be dumb… you don’t know everything. So keep learning & always advocate for customers
  13. product management is a mindset, it’s a craft. you’re so lucky to have this amazing tribe of people that you can learn with and learn from

In a single line: Genuine and Key Customer Focus — Product Enhancement — Marketing — Better Revenue…