Recommended Order of modifiers in Java

The Java Language Specification recommends listing modifiers in the following order:

1. Annotations

2. public

3. protected

4. private

5. abstract

6. static

7. final

8. transient

9. volatile

10. synchronized

11. native

12. strictfp

Not following this convention has no technical impact, but will reduce the code’s readability because most developers are used to the standard order.

Noncompliant Code Example

static public void main(String[] args) {   // Noncompliant}

Compliant Solution

public static void main(String[] args) {   // Compliant}

[2020]: Best Courses for Data Science Online

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Amazon Data Scientist Interview Questions

– What is over-fitting? How do you avoid it?
– What types of regularization do we have? Which one is simpler to use? L1 or L2?
– Explain decision trees? What are the different metrics to classify dataset?
– What is bagging?
– We have two models, one with 85% accuracy, one 82%. Which one do you pick?
– What is p-value and how can we use it?

– SVM, how to choose a model, and how to determine if a model is better than another.  

what is linear regression?  



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Lodha Developers NA2020
Capricorn Food Products India LtdNA2020
Prince Pipes and Fittings LtdNA2020
Nazara TechnologiesNA 2020
Patel Infrastructure LimitedNA 2020
John Energy LimitedNA2020
Aakash Education ServicesNA2020
Anmol Industries Ltd (Anmol Biscuits)NA2020
Ami Organics LtdNA2020
Mrs. Bectors Food Specialities LtdNA2020
Senco Gold LimitedNA2020
Angel Broking LtdNA2020
AGS Transact Technologies LtdNA2020
Coldex LimitedNA2020
Shyam Metalics and Energy LtdNA2020
AnandRathi Wealth Management LtdNA2020
Crystal Crop Protection LtdNA2020
Penna Cements LtdNA2020
Patanjali IPO (Patanjali Ayurved IPO)NA2020
Barbeque Nation Hospitality LtdNA2020
Reliance General insurance Company LtdNA2020
National Stock Exchange (NSE)NA2020
KIMS HospitalsNA2020
Lite Bite FoodsNA2020
National Insurance CompanyNA2020
Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency LtdNA2020
Indian Railways Finance Corporation Ltd NA2020
Devi Seafoods LtdNA2020
ReNew Power LtdNA2020
Route Mobile LimitedNA2020
Flemingo Travel Retail LtdNA2020
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T & T Infra LimitedNA2020
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JSW CementsNA2020
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Antony Waste Handling Cell LtdNA2020
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What is the difference between a taxpayer and GST practitioner?


A taxpayer is subject to tax on the income of an individual or organization (such as a company). Taxpayers have an identification number, a reference number issued by the government to their citizens.

GST practitioner

A GST practitioner is an individual, firm or any company that is helping taxpayers to pay GST, file GST returns and assure GST compliance for their customers. He can be any Chartered Accountant, Lawyer, CMA, CS or any other person who understands the law and is carrying out the above activities.

Install Tesseract on Mac / Linux / Windows / centos

Python-tesseract for Python is an optical character recognition (OCR). That is, it will recognize and “read” the text embedded in the images.
1. For Python:

pip install pytesseract

2. For Mac Users

$ brew install tesseract

3. For Linux users:

$ sudo apt-get install tesseract-ocr

4. For centos 7

yum-config-manager --add-repo rpm --import updateyum install tesseract yum install tesseract-langpack-deu

5. For Windows:

Installer for Windows for Tesseract 3.05 and Tesseract 4 are available from Tesseract at UB Mannheim. These include the training tools. Both 32-bit and 64-bit installers are available.

An installer for the OLD version 3.02 is available for Windows from our download page. This includes the English training data. If you want to use another language, download the appropriate training data, unpack it using 7-zip, and copy the .traineddata file into the ‘tessdata’ directory, probably C:Program FilesTesseract-OCRtessdata.

To access tesseract-OCR from any location you may have to add the directory where the tesseract-OCR binaries are located to the Path variables, probably C:Program FilesTesseract-OCR.