What does it mean VERBOSE=True ?

Setting verbose to True in the configuration will result in the service generating more output (will show you both WARNING and INFO log levels), normally you will only see WARNING or higher (ERROR for example).

You can also set the debug to True if you want even more information you will the recieve logs with the DEBUG log level this includes debug information from functions being called etc in the code and is only recommended for deep troubleshooting or developers.

I recommend you always have verbose set to True, that what we have. We also manage and parse our logs with Logstash, ElasticSearch and then Kibana as a dashboard it’s very handy.

The defined levels, in order of increasing severity, are the following:

  • INFO

The corresponding methods for each level can be called as shown in the following example:

import logginglogging.debug('This is a debug message')logging.info('This is an info message')logging.warning('This is a warning message')logging.error('This is an error message')logging.critical('This is a critical message')

The output of the above program would look like this:

WARNING:root:This is a warning messageERROR:root:This is an error messageCRITICAL:root:This is a critical message