What Colors Do Women Prefer on Men?

If you want attention from ladies, your best bet is to stick to red, purple, black, blue or white (but white only if in plain white shirt with jeans). If there is a specific shadow that highlights your eyes, this one is also a safe bet. Your personality will shine, of course, but never hurt that you get this little support from the color that inspires confidence and leads people to feel comfortable around you.

Here are some color tips to keep in mind:

  • If you are grey or have light skin, move away from very dark colors near your face. There will be a lot of variation and cruelty. Soft and quiet colors, like lavender, will be more pleasing to you.
  • For you red-haired, warm colors work better on you. Try a color that suits your eyes to best complement your features.
  • Men with dark hair and coloring look better in bright colors and white. Blue and Red are good colors for you, as well as the tone colors of a gem.
  • If finding out which colors work best for you is confusing, try to stick to classic works. Basic shades like black and navy. Classic colors can be elegant and immortal and a practical choice for any man.