[Solved]: ValueError: setting an array element with a sequence

Means exactly what it says, you’re trying to cram a sequence of numbers into a single number slot. It can be thrown under various circumstances.

1. When you pass a python tuple or list to be interpreted as a numpy array element:

import numpynumpy.array([1,2,3])               #goodnumpy.array([1, (2,3)])            #Fail, can't convert a tuple into a numpy                                    #array elementnumpy.mean([5,(6+7)])              #goodnumpy.mean([5,tuple(range(2))])    #Fail, can't convert a tuple into a numpy                                   #array elementdef foo():    return 3numpy.array([2, foo()])            #gooddef foo():    return [3,4]numpy.array([2, foo()])            #Fail, can't convert a list into a numpy                                    #array element

2. By trying to cram a numpy array length > 1 into a numpy array element:

x = np.array([1,2,3])x[0] = np.array([4])         #goodx = np.array([1,2,3])x[0] = np.array([4,5])       #Fail, can't convert the numpy array to fit                              #into a numpy array element

A numpy array is being created, and numpy doesn’t know how to cram multivalued tuples or arrays into single element slots.

It expects whatever you give it to evaluate to a single number, if it doesn’t, Numpy responds that it doesn’t know how to set an array element with a sequence.