Google Interview Questions | Software Engineer

Coding round questions

  • Given (x, y) coordinates, create a function such that each coordinate is uniquely mapped to an integer. Also make sure that given an integer, you should be able to find (x, y) coordinates. So F(x, y) = z and also that inverse F(z) = (x, y).

  • You are given an array of million numbers and provided a range of index (say left, right). For multiple queries, each with input left and right indexes, output the maximum in that range.

  • Given an array of integers arr[], find the number of recycled pairs in the array. A recycled pair of two numbers {a, b} has the following properties :

    A should be smaller than B. Number of digits should be same. By rotating A any number of times in one direction, we should get B.

  • We have to paint n boards of length {A1, A2, .. An}. There are k painters available and each takes 1 unit time to paint 1 unit of the board. The problem is to find the minimum time to get this job done under the constraints that any painter will only paint continuous sections of boards, say board {2, 3, 4} or only board {1} or nothing but not board {2, 4, 5}.