Difference Between I Love You and Love You

The emotional intimacy is the pivotal difference between the two phrases. The use of the pronoun “I” can turn the less emotional “Love you” to something very affectionate and deeply romantic sentence.

We say “Love you” to someone we care about very much. It is said to our closest friends, family members or partners. Saying “Love you” is reassuring and shows care to that person. It implies that there is love surrounding that person with us. The source of the love can be anything. Some people even say it as a conversation sender similar to “Babe” or “Honey”. Such as: ‘Goodnight, love you!’

Saying “I love you” is more passionate. This statement justifies who is involved in the love. “I” is from the person saying it and “You” for the person is said to. It simply means that there is love for you, and that love is from me. It is a very to-the-point and affectionate declaration. People say it depends on how they want to express it and how much they mean it.

In summary, “Love you” is a comprehensive phrase that indicates the person addressed is loved. “I love you” is more personal and addresses the intimate relation involved.

Hope you found this answer helpful. I tried to make a helpful answer based on my own knowledge. Let me know your thoughts, If you find something more interesting about “I love you” and “love you”