Create a QnA Maker service | Microsoft qna maker tutorial

  1. Log in to the Azure portal. (provide credit card details also, don’t worry they will charge you 2 rupees (or your country money) and, send back to you, only to verify you. they will not charge you without your permission)
  2. Click on Add new resource, and type “qna maker” in search, and select the QnA Maker resource

    Create a new QnA Maker service - Add new resource

  3. Click on Create after reading the terms and conditions.

    Create a new QnA Maker service

  4. In QnA Maker, select the appropriate tiers and regions.

    Create a new QnA Maker service - pricing tier and regions

    • Fill the Name with a unique name to identify this QnA Maker service. This name also identifies the QnA Maker endpoint to which your knowledge bases will be associated.
    • Choose the Subscription in which the QnA Maker resource will be deployed.
    • Select the Management pricing tier for the QnA Maker management services (portal and management APIs). See here for details on the pricing of the SKUs.
    • Create a new Resource Group (recommended) or use an existing one in which to deploy this QnA Maker resource.
    • Choose the Search pricing tier of the Azure Search service. If you see the Free tier option greyed out, it means you already have a Free Azure Search tier deployed in your subscription. In that case, you will need to start with the Basic Azure Search tier. See details of Azure search pricing here.
    • Choose the Search Location where you want Azure Search data to be deployed. Restrictions in where customer data must be stored will inform the location you choose for Azure Search.
    • Give a name to your App service in App name.
    • By default the App service defaults to the standard (S1) tier. You can change the plan after creation. See more details of App service pricing here.
    • Choose the Website location where the App Service will be deployed.


      The Search Location can be different from the Website Location.

    • Choose whether you want to enable Application Insights or not. If Application Insights is enabled, QnA Maker collects telemetry on traffic, chat logs, and errors.
    • Choose the App insights location where Application Insights resource will be deployed.
  5. Once all the fields are validated, you can click on Create to start deployment of these services in your subscription. It will take a few minutes to complete.
  6. Once the deployment is done, you will see the following resources created in your subscription.

qna maker tutorial | Create, train, and publish your QnA bot.

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