AngularJS Interview Questions

Angular Interview questions and answers

  1. What is AngularJS ?
  2. Explain Directives in Angular?
  3. What are controllers and need of ng-controller and ng-model in Angular?
  4. What are expressions in Angular?
  5. How can we initialize Angular application data?
  6. Explain $scope in Angular?
  7. What is “$rootScope” and how is it related with “$scope”?
  8. Explain the concept of digest cycle, watchers and dirty checking?
  9. What can be the performance implications of watchers and digest cycle ?
  10. How can we measureno: of watchers & time spent on digest cycle?
  11. How can we decrease digest cycle time ?
  12. Can we force the digest cycle to run manually?
  13. Do I need Jquery for Angular?
  14. How is the data binding in Angular ?
  15. Explain compile and link phase?
  16. How do we make HTTP get and post calls in Angular?
  17. How do we pass data using HTTP POST in Angular ?
  18. What is dependency injection and how does it work in Angular?
  19. How does DI benefit in Angular?
  20. What are services in Angular?
  21. Are Service object instances global or local?
  22. What is a Factory in Angular?
  23. What is the difference between Factory and Service?
  24. How are validations implemented in Angular?
  25. How to check error validation for a specific field?
  26. What does SPA (Single page application) mean?
  27. How can we implement SPA with Angular?
  28. How to implement routing in Angular?
  29. How to implement SPA using angular-UI route?
  30. Can we load HTML content rather than a full page ?
  31. How can we create controllers and pass parameters in Angular UI route?
  32. How to implement nested views using Angular UI route?
  33. How can we create a custom directive in Angular?
  34. What kind of naming conventions is used for custom directives?
  35. What are the different custom directive types in AngularJS?
  36. What if I want custom directives to be applied on element as well as attributes ?
  37. Can I set an Angular directive template to a HTML web page?
  38. Explain $q service, deferred and promises?