Max text length from Review in Deep Learning

For review 150 words(NOT characters) in enough.

Let’s see how much 150 words are:

Overwhelming in every aspect, starting with beautiful actors, each one of them is so natural, smooth, and lacking the commonly seen overacting in super hero movies. The movie has touched me deeply and instantly became my all time favorites. Aquaman has raised the bar so so high for the highest grossing movies, including all other DC, Marvel, J.K. Rowling, F&F, and all I can think of.

I’m usually critical but I could not find anything which is less than perfect, big thanks to Zack Snyder, James Wan, Jason Momoa, the entire team of special effects, all the artists literally created magic, I can talk about this forever, I am still enchanted after watching it, and planning to watch at again soon.

To Jason Momoa, it will be very difficult to replace you, if another Aquaman movie is made in the future, you were so natural and effortless, you entered hearts with your modesty.