a dolphin encounters four octopuses the dolphin which is very smart as everyone knows have learned

Puzzle: King Octopus has servants with six, seven, or eight legs. The servants with seven legs always lie, but the servants with either six or eight legs always say the truth.

One day, 4 servants met :
The blue one says: “Altogether we have 28 legs”;
the green one says: “Altogether we have 27 legs”;
the yellow one says: “Altogether we have 26 legs”;
the red one says: “Altogether we have 25 legs”.

What is the colour of the servant that says the truth?

This is a very famous logical puzzles


Well, The Green one?

Since the four are disagreeing then 33 must be lying. Since only octopuses with 7 legs lie then there must be 7×3=217×3=21 legs.

That leaves the honest octopus with either 66 or 88 legs. So the total number of legs should either be 21+6=2721+6=27 legs or 21+8=2921+8=29 legs.

Since no one says that they have 2929 legs then only the Green octopus is saying the truth.

It seems to be simple unless I missed something in the riddle.