How to attract Girls | 10 Best Ways to Attract Girls

10 ways to attract a girl without saying a word impressing the girl you like with poetic phrases and skilful complements isn’t the simplest task nowadays and this fact doesn’t make the life of smitten men any easier but surprisingly not many people know that attraction often happens before words are even exchanged and that doesn’t mean you have to be the hottest hottie on the block you can still week in a woman’s knees without uttering a single word.

10. Be clean and look presentable:

imagine a person who hasn’t had a shower for a couple of days looks like they slept with their clothes on and seems to find deodorant completely alien concept would you be attracted to such an individual you might be after having a conversation with them but that exchange probably won’t even go down if you’ve been spooked away by their Bo well the girl of your dreams is no different and that’s why it’s so important to look after your personal hygiene neat and well-groomed facial hair as well as clean and styled hair will boost your odds of grabbing her attention before you even introduce yourself deodorant and Cologne are a nice touch just don’t go overboard with fragrances and definitely don’t think of them as a substitute for a shower

9.  Consider your style and clothing choices:

okay you’re all cleaned well-groomed and smelling nice it’d be such a waste to spoil all that hard work on your hygiene with clothes that don’t suit you right if you feel that you lack the knowledge or expertise to determine if your style needs some adjustments to involve a friend or even a sales assistant perhaps their opinion will open your eyes to some details you need here are the main points you should pay attention to build a basic wardrobe that will include neutral colored clothes that don’t clash or look tacky you may be fond of having Homer Simpson on your favorite graphic t-shirt but the impression you’ll create while wearing it might not be the one you want to get make sure your clothes fit you if your outfit is too baggy or tight she probably won’t find it attractive at all choose clothes that will reflect that vibrant personality of yours if you’re still at a loss as to what that can be look to celebrities or other famous people for inspiration after all most of those guys have personal stylists that know what they’re doing

8. Pay attention to your body language:

since we’re talking about nonverbal communication here we can’t skip on the importance of body language it plays such a major role in achieving success not only in attracting your crush but also in your professional life too your body can portray your insecurities and lack of confidence or on the contrary display how self-assured you are it’s not a problem to change the impression you make if you stay aware of your posture and movements for example if you keep your back straight and chin up it omits self-confidence and the ladies sure do appreciate a confident man hurried or jumpy movements give the message that someone is nervous or on edge so try to walk more slowly and control your gestures slowing it down can actually make you feel more relaxed and look more self-controlled another trick to look more self-assured is to take up more space wherever you go stretch your legs out lean back relax your arms and just mark the territory around you like all things don’t overdo it you don’t need to be sitting spread-eagle or anything.

7. Try to be the center of attention:

if you want to pique her interest you need to outshine those around you the thing is that a single person doesn’t attract as much attention as a group of people does and if you manage to be the most prominent person in the herd your chances of getting noticed are sky-high be fun be exciting joke let your friends gather around you and you’ll surely stand out in a crowd you’ll be like a magnet and she won’t be able to take her gaze off of you

6. Take care of your body:

being fit is a perfect bonus in the quest for your girl’s attention whether it’s right or wrong people of both sexes tend to be more drawn to a person who’s physically fit no you don’t need to have the body of a professional athlete or anything but some nice muscle tone will increase your chances of attracting a woman beside taking care of your health is always a good thing that being said if you can rock self-confidence in the body you have then more power to you just make sure your weight isn’t having a detrimental effect on your well-being and quality of life that’s the most important

5.  If you have a talent show it off:

everybody has something they’re good at or knowledgeable in you may have great taste in music cook like a chef or be an experienced traveler use your talents to your advantage women like men who have some qualities that differentiate them from others you can play a musical instrument at a party when sports competitions organize exciting projects or dress up as your favorite Star Wars character whatever it is show your passion and the right girl will definitely appreciate it for

4. Smile and make eye contact:

I know it’s a bit cliche to say smiling makes everyone more attractive and approachable but body language experts have done the research so it’s undeniable girls will be more eager to come up to you for a chat if you give off a warm and inviting vibe scowls or stoic expressions don’t exactly achieve that you don’t have to smile ear to ear like a weirdo or anything if you meet her eyes even for a second you are basically telling her that you are interested in getting to know her without actually saying a word again too much of anything is a bad thing so don’t stare like a creep Oh keep your glances brief then approach her and introduce yourself

3 Pay attention to how you treat others:

such qualities as politeness and a friendly attitude are still highly valued nowadays wherever you are pay attention to the people you’re communicating with if a girl is watching you from afar she’ll notice if you treat people with respect and common human decency when a person is telling you something nod your head to show that you’re listening to what they have to say if you’re in a group look around at the other people from time to time this way nobody will feel excluded don’t answer your phone or steal a glance at its screen if somebody is speaking otherwise you seem rude and self-absorbed

2 Always have a task at hand:

it’s a good idea to show that you are focused and committed kind of guy for most girls this will be a highly attractive trait on top of that she can safely watch you do something from a distance for example when you go to a coffee shop wearing your laptop with you this shows that you’re a serious dude who’s got stuff to do and no time to waste most girls like a dude with determination

1. Frequent the same place:

if you have a particular lady in mind try to hang out in the area she frequents if you’ve noticed that you often meet her in a certain cafe or grocery store spend more time around those places chances are she’ll eventually pay attention to the guy she often comes across and if you’ve already reconsidered your style behavior and added a friendly and sincere smile to your repertoire she won’t be able to take her eyes off you just please don’t overdo this whole hanging around thing otherwise she might take you for a stalker and that’s just creepy and not normal do you use any other ways to attract girls attention which method works the best for you tell us in the comments below.