Cricket Puzzle 7 runs in 3 balls

Two batsmen are each on 94 runs. 7 runs are needed to win in the last 3 balls and both batsmen make 100 not out. How? How can it be done with just the last 2 balls?

Batsman1 hits 4.
Then he takes 3 runs but 1 run short intentionally.
So 2 runs considered 100* for batsman1.
Batsman2 will be on Strike and he hits 6.
100* for batsman2.
This is the correct answer.

Funny Answer with Commentatory 

Commentator 1:
Last 3 balls left, 7 runs needed, McGrath is bowling, knowing the habit of Ganguly, Gilchrist is standing close to wickets. Mc bowls, Ganguly takes risk come two steps out of the crease and hits the ball, OMG it’s a huge hit, the ball is out of the stadium and hit the standing car but what the hell is this, looks like he tried too hard, his muscles got stretched.

Commentator 2:
It looks like he got seriously injured, well there is two good news for India, they are just 1 run short of the win, and Ganguly has also made his 100 along with one bad news Ganguly is not able to stand and he is retired hurt. 🙁

Commentator 1:
Here comes Mr. Wall, Rahul Dravid, 1 run in 2 balls is looking like a baby chase when Rahul is in batting and on another side it is master blaster Sachin. McGrath is ready to bowl 2nd last ball of the game, Rahul played it on mid off, running fast, Martyn got the ball, and what is this going on, a direct hit on the stumps, Rahul was clearly few inches away, he even did not see Umpire decision and running towards Pavilion.

Commentator 2: 
What a twist has come in this match, 1 ball 1 run, looks easy when Sachin is on strike and he is set batting at 94 but he is six-run away from his hundred, will he try for 1 run or will he hit six, time will show, here comes Mc with the last ball, it’s bouncer, Sachin pulled it.

Ohhhh what the hell what a catch taken by this young man.
in yellow dress sitting with a beautiful lady in the crowd.
Commentator 1: 
looks like an Australian fan, he is super excited trying to feel virtual victory.

Commentator 2:
What a match it was, I can’t believe it that both Saurav and Sachin have made their 100, both are not out too. It all looks scripted.
Commentator 1:
Ohhh yeah, it all looks so scripted,