Cricket Puzzle 7 runs in 2 balls

2 batsmen are on 94. 2 balls remaining and 7 runs to win. Both batsmen make 100 & win the match?

Answer 1:

Striker batsman hits the ball for 3 runs but when he runs he made 1 run short and fielder throw the ball and batsman get 4 more runs by through this he got 6 run and nonstriker batsman will reach at striker end and he made 6 runs at last ball.

Answer 2:

1)The batsman facing last before ball scored one run by placing the ball back to the keeper.
2) The ball hits the keepers helmet placed in the ground.
3) So the umpire signals 5 runs penalty. This is added to batsman’s score. So he made a century and now he is in non-strikers end and the scores are level.
4) The batsman facing the last ball hits six and he too scored century and win the match