Best Himalayan Treks for November - December

In November, Kuari Pass will bring you mountain views and a superb forest. You will see the recent scenery of Mt Nanda Devi, the highest peak in India. Nanda Devi is a solitary mountain that overlooks the grasslands of Gorson. This view is rare. Some of our long journeys tell me that the Kuari Pass is definitely one of the most beautiful hiking trips they have ever made. I value what they say – because they have seen the trek! This trekking lasted until the last week of December.

Guanshan Nanda Devi treks in Gorson Bugyal, Kuari Pass. Image courtesy of Vaibhav Jain.

Another long-distance trek in Sandakphu in India is the early winter. You have to be careful about the time to travel to Sandakphu. People go there to see the scenery of the sleeping Buddha, this is the mountain Kanchenjunga plot. On the other hand, three other eight people formed the mountains – Mount Everest, Lhotse and Makalu. If this is a premium for ideas, then it is important to travel to perfect times. It was time to do it from November to December. For photographers, these views are clear, sharp and pleasing. Sandakphu hiking is prone to fog, fog and cloudy conditions. That’s why although this long journey is open all year round, I hope that you will travel long distances when these great summits have a high point of view.

Sleeping Buddha at the campsite of Sandakphu trekking. Image courtesy of Asim Mandal.

By the way, there are no other hiking trips in India that allow you to see four 8,000-meter-high peaks. In fact, there are only two other treks in the world for you. One of them is in Pakistan and the other is our hiking in the Gokyo Ri-Everest base camp in Nepal.