Best Himalayan Treks for Mid September - October

This is another dramatic season. From the end of September, the color of the mountains changes rapidly within three to four weeks. The lush of the monsoon was replaced by gold brown. Somewhere in early October, the upper part of our hiking area will also see the first snowfall in winter. What followed was the crispness of the air, which raised the haze around the mountains. This is when you get the best mountain views. The peaks are sharp and vivid. In all the hiking seasons in my country, I found that autumn is the best. The crowd on the trail is also very low.

Roopkund is a long journey and you have to consider doing it between mid-September and mid-October. Roopkund is the most popular trail in summer in India. In the fall, it became more beautiful. It is time to see the glory of Roopkund. With its superb forests, the most beautiful high-altitude grasslands and the super adventure of Roopkund climbing to nearly 16,000 feet, I don’t think any hard trek will be better than this. Find one of the best sunsets in your life at Bedni Bugyal.

During the sunrise at Bedni campsite, Roopkund trek. Image courtesy of Anuja Gupta.

Sikkim’s Goechala is another high-altitude trek and is also excellent. During this time, Goechala was quite dry and it was easy to rain. Goechala is once again a classical beauty. Hiking will take you directly to the foot of the Kanchenjunga Mountains, the third highest peak in the world. Hikers don’t gaze at such mountains from such close places every day. Even outside Kanchenjunga, there are other mountains to see trek. This is why I call it a mountain trek.

I also like the diversity of Goechala that is trekking. From the tropical forests where you can see the waterfalls, to the high-altitude azalea forests, to the open grasslands, you will get everything. In addition, you will enter higher glaciers and hail areas. Most hikers will go to the mountains, but I will say, look for a variety of.

Formed with the Kanchenjunga Mountains, Goechala. Image courtesy of Suresh G.