Best Himalayan Treks for Mid May - June

For the upcoming summer, I will introduce some hiking trips that you may not have heard of. Regular hiking is too crowded to make them attractive.

In June, head to Buran Ghati, which is a favorite of our hikers. What you particularly like about this hike is the magnificent visual effect that will satisfy your eye every day. Your Dayara grass at the campsite is a calendar material. As you pass through the Litham steppe and further to Dhunda’s high-altitude campsites, the Alps’ visual effects are incredible. As you climb higher, the tension at the upcoming crossing will continue. When you finally arrive at the pass and overlook the vertical walls of Buran Ghati, the real adventure is like this!

This is what we call the “wow point” in the Buran Ghati hiking trip. You quit the tree line and this view welcomes you. On the way to Lithum, Buran Ghati Trek. Picture from Amit

Another hiking trip I highly recommend is the Rupin Pass. In mid-June, when the country struggled at 40 °C, the snowfield of the Rupin Pass sent you to the Arctic world. In addition to the adventure of the pass, this hiking landscape changes every hour! Sometimes you need to look back to get your direction right!

After passing through the Rupin Pass, Kinnaur’s scenery is not equal. Image courtesy of Vinod Krishna.

In addition to the ever-changing landscape, this hiking trail has many of the best campsites. Camping at the foot of the Rupin Falls in Dhanderas Thatch is an experience in itself! Another popular campsite is the Ronti Gad on the other side of the aisle; there are few such beautiful campsites when hiking in India, where you can admire the beautiful Kinnaur Mountains.

Despite being prepared, this is not an easy hike.