Best Himalayan Treks for Mid March - Mid April

I think you have to do two Himalaya hiking trips. Don’t try to balance the two. Do one or the other. It is Deoriatal from March to mid-April and Kedarkantha in April.

When they were in the snow, both hiking activities were active. However, when the first scent of spring drifted in late March, the green buds burst around the snow. The contrast between snow and green makes this season’s hiking special.

Snow-covered bridge in Kedarkantha. Image courtesy of Sanyam Raheja.

Deoriatal is a perfect time to hike. You must do this when the rhododendrons are in full bloom. This is between the last week of March and the third week of April. Overlooking the slopes of Chopta, even on the shores of Deoriatal, it is like a fire on a hillside. There are scarlet, vermilion, red and pink tones in the forest. The snow peaks of hiking are also great. From the summit, these views have shocked most hikers. You are standing on the thigh of the highest mountain range in India, within easy reach.

The trail from Chandrashila to Chopta. The number of azalea trees you see will make you absolutely fascinated. Image courtesy of Sandhya UC

On the other hand, Kedarkantha is my personal favorite. I didn’t see a lot of treks turning into a fairyland like Kedarkantha in April. This trekking is always special because of its clarity. There are not many treks in our country that are so beautiful, especially in this number. Earlier in the spring, when these open spaces were still under snow, the new shoots on the clear grass would erupt. This is a vibrant green surround snowy area. Camping in these environments is when you really feel happy.


Juda ka Talab is just 5 hours from the Kedarkantha trail. When there is snow, this place is a fairy tale! Image courtesy of Jai Pandya