Best Himalayan Treks for July - Mid September

When the rain cures the hot land of our country, head to Kashmir. Kashmir Great Lake trekor Tarsar Marsar. Both are great trek. I can hardly pick one. But the reason for hiking in Kashmir is the landscape. The only common thing about hiking in Kashmir and anywhere else in India is that we are still in the Himalayas. Everything else is different. At higher latitudes, trees and terrain are very different. The grasslands and grasslands of Kashmir seem to be hand-beautified and stretch for miles. But in fact, this is the lake you are really looking for in Kashmir. There are super mountain lakes on both hiking trips. Camping around these lakes, staring at the color of aquamarine, feeding them with snowflakes is an unforgettable experience.

Vishansar and Kishansar’s Twin Lakes hiking in the Great Lakes of Kashmir. Image courtesy of Anirban Banerjee

Note: I know the conflict in Kashmir. The country often boils in a few hours. An ordinary street can be a paradise for stone. This can scare any hiker. If you want to stay away from Kashmir but want to hike after the summer, then I would recommend two more hiking trips. Do the three. I can’t resist the Bhrigu Lake hiking trip, which is both short and easy, but very happy.

The Bhrigu Lake hiking near Manali is as close as possible to the stunning views of the Kashmiri meadows. Hiking is one of the best grasslands in our country. But I like another reason for this hike. The spectacular mountain views of some of the main peaks of Himachal Pradesh are not true. Sitting on the grass in front of my eyes, this view made me fall in love with this trek.

The meadows of the Bhrigu Lake trek. Image courtesy of Sandhya UC.

I will follow this to come here and hike from the Hampta Pass on the corner of Bhrigu Lake, starting again from Manali. This is a much harder thing, but it does make up for all the efforts of its ever-changing landscape. Pass through the narrow, snow-covered Hampta Pass, you are in Lahaul. On the other hand is the huge difference in scenery. The lush green is replaced by a mountain desert, but not completely brown. These visual effects are spectacular.

Chhatru campsite, Hampta Pass Trek. Image courtesy of Vinod Krishna.

Hikers also have the opportunity to travel to Chandratal during the Hampta Pass. I have always felt that Chandratal’s bonus is a reason for hiking. Some mountain landscapes lack the words to describe them. This is one of them.
Entering Uttarakhand, the Valley of Flowers is a classic hike that will only be great when it rains. Just when the valley is full of flowers. When you reach the valley, such as in mid-July, you will see a layer of blue wildflowers. When you arrive there in a few weeks, the layer may turn purple or purple. It never looks like the same flower. They sprouted in the waves and continued until September. Hikers often imagine that they will have been swaying in the rain during this difficult trek. This is not true. Throughout the hike, I rarely see the rain falling.

Flower valley. Image courtesy of Pravin Shekar.