Best Himalayan Treks for January - February

January and February are the real winters of our country. This is the time when snowfall is the most. Hiking on snow-covered ground is a great experience, but it is also a tough experience. Most of the water in the stream is dry. The campsite is invisible under the snow.

My two recommendations for these months are actually early year months.

Brahmatal is a little-known trekking trip in Uttarakhand. This is a beautiful still available in January and February. I admit that the long journey will be under the snow. However, despite the snow, you can pass the top of the ridge, from where you can enjoy spectacular views of Trishul Mountain, Nanda Ghunti Mountain and Chaukhamba Mountain. The snowy Brahmatal and its little gods are delightful. Hikers enjoy hiking because of its pristine forests, lovely walks under the oak trees and of course snow.

The magnificent Brahmatal Lake. Image courtesy of Neerav Mehta.

Another hike you can’t miss is the Tal Valley in Arunachal Pradesh. Ok, this is not your favorite Himalayan trek. This is a trekking through the tropical forest, set through the jungle books. The culture and heritage you see on this hike is almost unbelievable. Going to see the ancient Apatani tribes and their customs is like finding lost treasures. This is also a hiking trip on my list! Don’t miss it.

On the way to Talle Valley. Image courtesy of Soumya Mitra.

Well, these are my recommendations this year. I have to miss a lot of things that I really like. If you think I have not participated in the scam that should definitely be on this list, please leave a comment below.