Applications of Artificial Intelligence | AI vs machine learning

There are many applications for artificial intelligence being used today, and many more that are being researched. A few of the more popular uses of artificial intelligence systems today are in industries like healthcare, automotive technology, and video games, to name a few. Below are a few of the common uses of artificial intelligence in the industries where it is already gaining popularity.


In healthcare, the number of applications for artificial intelligence is expanding rapidly. Artificial intelligence is currently being used to interpret lab results in blood tests and genetic testing. There are also efforts being made to use AI to interpret medical imaging, such as X-rays and MRI results.


Artificial intelligence is commonly used in flight simulations and simulated aircraft warfare. Many aircrafts are also equipped with sensors which feed data to a system that uses AI to evaluate the mechanical ‘health’ of the aircraft.


Artificial intelligence is a growing component of the automotive industry. Many companies, like Tesla, are incorporating self-driving technology into their vehicles. Self-driving vehicles use AI to read data of the vehicle’s surroundings and respond to other drivers, lines on the road, and similar feedback read by the vehicle’s sensors.


Financial institutions have been using artificial intelligence to analyze market trends and even automate trades based on various market indicators and triggers. Many banks and financial institutions have also been using AI algorithms and neural network systems to identify fraudulent bank and credit charges, and then trigger human managed investigations.

Video Games

Many debate how much AI is truly used in video games. This is because machine learning techniques are rarely used and games typically only choose between a handful of automated responses, rather than actually “learning” to defeat their opponents. However, as the gameplay has grown in complexity, so has the AI programming that governs it. AI is most commonly seen when the game player interacts with non-player characters in a game. Actions of these characters are often governed by complex AI algorithms that depend on the game player’s actions.

Applications to Other Industries

As stated above, artificial intelligence is really the application of machine learning, predictive analysis, and automation, so its applications are vast. AI has been spreading rapidly to technology-driven industries, so it is quickly becoming an important element of several other major industries, including:

  • Manufacturing – AI is being used to automate the building of vehicles and other large machinery and equipment
  • Marketing – AI solutions are being used to analyze user behavior and more effectively target potential customers
  • Employee Recruiting – AI technology is now frequently used to match employers to job seekers
  • Transportation – GPS systems and city planners use AI programs to identify and suggest the most efficient routes

As time goes on and artificial intelligence techniques become more widely understood and accessible, more industries will surely benefit from the efficiency and scaling effects that AI can provide.


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