8 Places to Learn to Surfing in India

Surfing in India

The Indian Peninsula is surrounded by water and is one of the longest coastlines in Asia. With all these beautiful beaches and a perfect tropical climate, it’s no surprise that surf culture has soared in India. Surfing in India soon became a weekend holiday hobby for many people. There are many places to go and learn to capture some waves.

  • Varkala, Kerala

Located on the north of Kovalam, this beach is a very safe beach with no rocks, soft beaches and small waves. This makes it an ideal place for beginners to learn how to surf. It is also a very popular tourist destination and can be easily reached by road, rail or air.

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Soul&Surf is the most popular surfing school in Kovalam and offers surfing lessons 7 days a week. They provide guidance and training on arrival and can even book a 3 or 6 day entry surf class.

  • Garnarna, Karnataka

Sandwiched between crystal clear waters and tree-covered hills, this pristine beach is a great place to escape the city and capture the waves. The water is relatively calm, there is light flow, and there are not many challenging waves. This season starts in October and lasts until March.

  • Gokarna

The Cocopelli Surf School is accredited by the International Surfing Association and is run by certified instructors. Their courses range from a few hours to a week. You can also choose to rent boards, kits or other equipment.

  • Mulki, Karnataka

Located north of Mangalore, Mulki is a beautiful uninhabited beach at the mouth of the Shambhavi River.

The Mantra Surf Club is said to be the first surf club in India to be trained by ISA certified coaches. You can also become a long-term member of the club and enjoy discounts throughout the year.

  • Vizag, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

Vizag has a long coastline, plenty of wave surfing, cheap hotels and good transportation. Anthony Colas, the author of the iconic surf book World Storm Knight, discovered this surf spot when he wrote this book.

Founded in 2009, Lonely Surfers Surf School offers a variety of professional (or lack of expertise) surfing lessons.

  • Kodi Beng, Karnataka

Somewhere at the confluence of the Suvarna River and the Arabian Sea, Kodi Bengre is a quiet holiday beach with warm waters and small islands that can be used for surfing.

The Shaka Surf Club offers a variety of services including surfing lessons, rentals, camping facilities and quality companies.

  • Auroville, Tamil Nadu

Located north of Puducherry, this beach is home to local and European surfers who can guide you into the waves. These waves usually don’t get too violent, as the island of Sri Lanka usually blocks these waves.


The Kallialay Surf School is run by two Spanish brothers who learned to surf in Auroville and liked it so much that they built a surf school there. It offers private lessons, tutoring, group lessons and a variety of other courses.

  • Kovalam, Tamil Nadu

In Kovalam, Covelong Point is an event venue that hosts many festivals, parties and beach sports competitions. The Covelong Point Classic Surfing Competition and Festival is held every September and features a range of fun sports such as kayaking and slacking, along with the music and surfing of the surf club. Covelong Point is also known as the first surfing village in India. Ocean Delight is another upcoming surf school in the Kovalam area.

  • Goa

Goa is known for its wild beaches and welcomes people from all over the world. It’s not uncommon for the surfing community to find its way. The best time to surf in Goa is at the end of May and early June.

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Vaayu and Surfwala are the two best surfing schools in Goa.