3 Runs Required in 2 balls

Q: The batsman is on 98 and the non-striker is on 97. How will both batsman score centuries as well as winning the match? cricket lovers if you are really genius and you have the knowledge of cricket solve it?

Answer 1:

Striker batsman takes 3 run and 1 run short then his century has done then non-striker batsman heat six or four.

Answer 2:

I think its possible by duck worth-lewis method
Ex: sum runs to need in 43.1 overs,

Striker playing 42.6 ball. he hit 2 runs completes his century.

Now last ball of innings(43.1) nonstriker comes to play n hits 3 or 4 and he also made a century.

And now:

Both the batsmen now dances on opuammm Ganganam style……..:p :p