Install TensorFlow on macOS

Install TensorFlow:

Assuming the prerequisite software is installed on your Mac, take the following steps:

  1. Install TensorFlow by invoking one of the following commands:
     $ pip install tensorflow      # Python 2.7; CPU support $ pip3 install tensorflow     # Python 3.n; CPU support

    If the preceding command runs to completion, you should now validate your installation.

  2. (Optional.) If Step 1 failed, install the latest version of TensorFlow by issuing a command of the following format:
     $ sudo pip  install --upgrade tfBinaryURL   # Python 2.7 $ sudo pip3 install --upgrade tfBinaryURL   # Python 3.n

    where tfBinaryURL identifies the URL of the TensorFlow Python package. The appropriate value of tfBinaryURLdepends on the operating system and Python version.

  3. For example, if you are installing TensorFlow for macOS and Python 2.7 issue the following command:
     $ sudo pip install --upgrade

    If the preceding command fails, see installation problems.

Python 3.4, 3.5, or 3.6:

$ sudo pip3 install --upgrade