Customizable timeout, Customizable levels and proxy settings in UniRest

1. Customizable Timeouts

You can set custom connection and socket timeout values (in milliseconds):

Unirest.setTimeouts(long connectionTimeout, long socketTimeout);

By default the connection timeout (the time it takes to connect to a server) is 10000, and the socket timeout (the time it takes to receive data) is 60000. You can set any of these timeouts to zero to disable the timeout.

Unirest.setTimeouts(20000, 15000)

2. Customizable levels:

Let’s set the number of connections and number maximum connections per route:

Unirest.setConcurrency(20, 5);

By default the maxTotal (overall connection limit in the pool) is 200, and the maxPerRoute (connection limit per target host) is 20.


3. Proxy

You can set a proxy by invoking:

Unirest.setProxy(new HttpHost("", 8000));