10 Best club in Bangalore

Are you new to Bangalore? Or do you feel you need a life outside of work and need to celebrate a bit? Bangalore is full of nightclubs that offer all kinds of parties for people who work hard. Whether it’s a short visit or a permanent stay, you should know the best places in Bangalore that keep guests entertained by good music, tasty food and atmosphere that helps them spend a good night’s time. Here are 10 nightclubs in Bangalore that offer some of the best concerts every week.

1. No Limmits

Credits- No Limmits

With the slogan ‘One People’. A One Zone tribe, No Limmits chose their name with the promise that the place meets all their expectations, no matter how out of bounds they may seem. The place offers a large seating area accompanied by a large dance floor to keep the guests excited throughout the night.

2. Hard Rock Cafe

Credits- Hard Rock Cafe

One of the favorite places for partygoers and rock bands, Hard Rock Cafe is one of the best international brands when it comes to parties with rock music. The Bangalore franchise on MG Road has featured some of the largest and most future Indian rock bands, and keeps guests entertained with its unique selection of food and beverages.

3. The Humming Tree

Credits- The Humming Tree

If your version of the party involves an informal night with a few drinks and listening to a live artist / band / artist, all in a relaxed but pleasant atmosphere, then The Humming Tree is the final destination of your party. This three-year-old party music venue and bar has helped artists connect with music fans while offering everyone a memorable night. 

4. Blue Frog

Credits- Blue Frog

The chain of clubs known for its exceptional parties and its unique decoration has captivated attendees at Bangalore party for quite some time. This cutting-edge venue is spread over 10,000 square feet and offers state-of-the-art, sound-controlled lighting that takes nightclubs to a whole new level. Therefore, for your next party, prepare to savor delicious food, touch your feet with good music and enjoy your cocktails while you lose yourself in the environment. 

5. Indigo Live – Music Bar

Credits- Indigo Live Music Bar

The music bar is built on two levels that offer their own version of the party to the guests. The first level has a 3D projector that takes live music to a whole new level. Its walls were painted by the most famous graffiti artists in the world: Sickboy and Ben Allen from London. The second level has an ice bar installation island, a large LED screen that allows for some live sports and offers an aerial view of Bangalore. Now, if that does not excite you, we do not know what it will be. 

6. Sanctum Club

Credits- Sanctum Club

This Bangalore nightclub provides the luxury and entertainment for anyone visiting or living in the city. During the day, Sanctum serves tasty food in a relaxed dining experience for lunch. They offer family-style seating and cabins for corporate lunch. At night, the venue becomes a fashion party destination for all night animals.

7. High Ultra Lounge

Credits- High Ultra Lounge

The highest lounge lounge in South India, High Ultra Lounge, sits atop the global trade center and looks forward to providing guests with a unique lounge experience. The modern Asian bar and restaurant is spread over 10,000 square feet and houses some of the biggest parties in Bangalore. They keep the guests entertained with live music, delicious Asian dishes and delicious cocktails, and have proved to be the perfect place for all visitors or party animals in Bangalore.


8. The Sugar Factory

Credits- The Sugar Factory

A place where you can forget your exams, work or domestic problems, The Sugar Factory is the perfect mix of fashion, live performances, urban parties and the latest songs. Located in Le Meridian Hotel, this club extends over 4,000 square feet and offers everything you need to relax.


9. Pebble – The Jungle Lounge

Credits- Pebble

One of Bangalore’s favorite places, Pebble- The Jungle Lounge offers some of the most memorable parties. A perfect place for couples and singles, the lounge of the jungle offers its guests parties in the natural environment for all kinds of music.


10. g77 Cafe

Credits- g77 Cafe

The g77 Cafe, the newest member of the Bangalore party circuit, hopes to offer its guests a combination of good food, exquisite cocktails and a party area to make their nights memorable. Whether you want to enjoy an excellent culinary experience with gourmet food or want to have an emotional conversation with your friends in their unique environment or just want to dance to the tunes of the DJs, g77 Cafe can meet all your needs.