[Trending]: Postmortem of Amazon Employment | 20 Employee Reviews

  1. The average Amazon employee stays with Amazon for 14 months. I have been with the company for less than 5 years, and have been there longer than nearly 80% of the employees.
  2. Everyone is so tired, all the time
  4. I worked less than anyone else on the business side. And I worked 80 hours each week. I’d start at 5am and end at 7pm 6 days a week.
  5. This would have been hell on my marriage, but I was lucky that my spouse was doing similar work.
  6. For a company that prides itself on efficiency, a turnover rate like that seems painfully inefficient—and painful it is if you’re the one left while your co-worker exits. The work will definitely fall on you, and if you manage to hold things together, even just barely, you’ll see that headcount vanish, and suddenly you’re doing the work of two people.
  7. You have huge money but you DON”t have time to use it.
  8. my coworkers were working 100+ hours/week (I couldn’t keep up that pace – I kept getting horribly sick, and I was professionally mature enough to push back sometimes, unlike the younger people around me), and they were continuously threatened by Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs). The only people who weren’t were people like me (massively underleveled, so we could exceed expectations easily) or people who were so politically evil and self-serving that I could barely stand working with them. I was also told that the only way to get ahead was to become evil, since that’s how JeffB setup the company.
  9. At that point, I’d had enough. I left exactly 2 years + 1 day after starting – the moment I wouldn’t have to pay my signing bonus back. My husband left as well.
  10. Leaving was the best decision we ever made. Last we heard, our former teams are even worse to work on. What a nightmare.
  11. My first boss at Amazon was actually emotionally abusive. I have triggers now that I never did before. I had battered wife syndrome. You know how Amazon dealt with it? They “let” me move to a different team a month before my 1-year anniversary. My boss got to stay a manager, but I had to leave the team. All HR said to me was, “Well, you hurt his feelings too sometimes.”
  12. Amazon is a fantastic company for the customer. The leadership principle that everyone exemplified was to start at the customer and work your way backwards. But they are the worst employer and steward for the community.
  13. I Do Not Know One Person Who Is Happy at Amazon

  14. I am a tough cookie – I have never cried at work, even when a friend died of cancer. I don’t believe that anyone owed me anything. But working at Amazon was a soul-crushing experience.
  15. I had to miss a conference call with India for my daughter’s school play and was told that I was expected to work around their schedule because they weren’t authorized for overtime.
  16. I worked for a manager that slept in his car on Sunday’s so he could be in the office bright and early for the weekly business review with top management. This was after running data reports every Sunday beginning in the morning and not finishing until very late at night. This happened weekly. And during business planning (Operational 1 and 2) twice a year, it was common for us to sleep in the office so we could get the giant data pulls done that management asked for.
  17. I’ve had worse jobs in my life (we all have), but I’ve never hated a job or a supervisor more. Does that make sense? I dread like a root canal appointment every Sunday night, knowing Monday morning is on its way. When I walk through the doors my head is ringing with regret, mind-numbing repetition, and expectations of browbeating. My expectations have never once gone ungratified.
  18. It is difficult to get a job at Amazon. Really hard. (Those descriptions of the interview day you read in the other posts are right. It is a gauntlet.) But it is much harder to want to stay. I sensed it when I came on, and I’ve learned since then that my hunch was right. Isn’t the job of management to motivate people from every background to believe in one objective and then reward them for driving at it? It is not the job of management here, I can assure you. Their job is to demean and threaten. And that comes from the top.
  19. This is a competitive culture and unlike companies with huge funding reserves or incredibly high margin business models, Amazon is at heart a retail company where margins are slim by the nature of our business. On account of that we need to work hard: people who can’t compete are weeded out the same way they are in any other highly competitive company.
  20. Do not believe too much on glassdor because glassdoor provide  delete option for negative reviews for their paid customers.