American Women gives answer of this question, "what do you wish Indians knew?"

  • I wish that Indians knew that we are not like how we are portrayed in movies. I know that Indians are also portrayed unfairly in foreign media, it’s unfortunately just how it is that everyone is misrepresented outside of their own region. Even from North to South in India, you’ll see stereotypes and misinformation.
  • I wish Indians knew that we aren’t all rich.
  • I wish Indians knew that just because we may naturally be fairer, it doesn’t make us more beautiful or more worthy of respect. Actually having more melanin in the skin is beneficial and the result of generations of people living near to the equator thus being protected from the sun’s rays and reducing the risk of skin cancers and other health problems associated with sun exposure.
  • I wish Indians knew that most of us won’t go to bed with just anyone and have a relatively strong moral compass.
  • I wish Indians knew that a lot of false praise given online and on YouTube is just for clicks and ad revenue. I know specifically of a few YouTube ‘friends’ of mine who just do reaction videos and travel vlogs for views and then secretly make fun of their own audience.
  • I wish Indians knew that their food is incredible and that American food like KFC, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, etc is all-destroying them. Look at modern health issues like obesity and diabetes plaguing the newer generation. There was a study done on this in Japan specifically which I read in the book ‘Healthy at 100’.
  • I wish Indians knew that Salman Khan is a terrible person and would stop supporting him so much. (sorry if you like him, I just really think he’s awful)
  • I wish Indians knew that their culture is beautiful and to not try to emulate our lack of culture and tradition. I actually knew a guy who moved here when he was in 10th from India and has perfectly copied the American accent, given himself a more westernized nickname, and talks about how much he hates India. It doesn’t make you cool, it’s actually quite sad.
  • I wish Indians knew that India is a relatively young country after Independence and stopped comparing themselves with countries that are long-established like the UK and the US. India is developing and flourishing, and will undoubtedly be on the same level in the future.

I really truly love India and almost everyone I’ve met whilst visiting. It’s a beautiful place with incredible people and I feel so lucky to have visited 6 times. I hope this answers your question sufficiently <3

Source: Quora