Why people fail to solve problems effectively? | A Problem Solving Skills Guide

Solving problems is a complex process and each of us is better at the skills required at some stages than others.

The following is a list of some of the reasons why people fail to find effective solutions:

1. Not being methodical
2. Lack of commitment to solving the problem
3. Misinterpreting the problem
4. Lack of knowledge of the techniques and processes involved in problem-solving
5. Inability to use the techniques effectively
6. Using a method inappropriate to the particular problem
7. Insufficient or inaccurate information
8. Inability to combine analytical and creative thinking
9. Failure to ensure effective implementation
10. Only thinking of the first-level explanation


1. A problem exists when an obstacle prevents you from reaching an objective.
2. Problem-solving can be divided into stages, which you must follow methodically. If you want to be sure of finding an effective solution.
3. Solving problems effectively requires a con­trolled mixture of analytical and creative thinking skills.