What are use cases of Elasticsearch? | Elasticsearch Tutorial

  1. Log Analytics – Analyze un-structured and semi-structured logs generated by websites, mobile devices, servers, sensors, and more for a wide variety of applications such as digital marketing, application monitoring, fraud detection, ad tech, gaming, and IoT. Capture, pre-process, and load log data into Elasticsearch using Logstash, Amazon Kinesis Firehose, or Amazon CloudWatch Logs. You can then search, explore, and visualize the data using Kibana and the Elasticsearch query DSL to gain valuable insights about your users and applications.
  2. Full-Text Search – Provide your customers with a rich search and navigation experience. Elasticsearch supports faceting, which allows your customers to narrow their search results by value ranges for fields like price, product characteristics, and brands; ability to create advanced search criteria filters; search-as-you-type suggesters; and near real-time index updates.
  3. Distributed Document Store – Power your application with an easy to use JSON document-oriented storage platform. Elasticsearch provides a simple REST API, fast performance, powerful search capabilities, so you can build highly performant applications that can store and retrieve billions of documents.
  4. Real-time Application Monitoring – Capture activity logs across your customer-facing applications and websites. Use Logstash to push these logs to your Elasticsearch cluster. Elasticsearch indexes the data and makes it available for analysis in near real-time (less than one second). You can then use Kibana to visualize the data and perform operational analyses like identifying outages and problems. With Elasticsearch’s geospatial analysis, you can identify the geographical region where the problem is occurring. Troubleshooting teams can then search the index and perform statistical aggregations to identify root cause and fix issues.

Use Cases of Top Companies:

1. Facebook
Delivering a better help experience for over a billion users

2. Microsoft
Using the Logstash Azure module to streamline Azure monitoring

3. eBay
Searching across 800 million listings in subseconds

4. GoDaddy
Performing real-time anomaly detection to improve the customer experience

5. Accenture
Powering the search for the best client service

6. Netflix
Ensuring message delivery and operational excellence

7. Walmart
Gaining insights into customer purchasing patterns & store performance metrics

8. Uber
Aggregating business metrics to control critical marketplace behaviors

9. Tinder
Connecting people around the world

10. Adobe
Delivering a better user interface experience