What are the best resources to learn Java?

I am working with java around 6 years.

I have found that not all part of java tutorials on every famous website is good. so that I am providing java tutorial website link according to the quality of content in particular java part.

1. Java Basic from javatpoint

Java Tutorial | Learn Java – javatpoint

2. Java OOPS from beginnersbook :

Java tutorial: Learn Java Programming with examples

3. Java JDBC from jenkov :


4. Java collection from journaldev:


5. Java IO from journaldev:


6. Exception handling from jenkov :

Java Exception Handling

7. Java Inner Classes from javatpoint

Java Inner Class – javatpoint

8. Java Generics Tutorial from jenkov

Java Generics Tutorial

9. Java Multithreading Tutorial from journaldev

Java Concurrency / Multithreading Tutorial

10. Java Networking from javatpoint

Java Networking – javatpoint

Hope this will help.