[Solved]: Error installing Sense Plugin for Kibana

Problem Statement:./kibana plugin --install elastic/sense on the bin directory inside kibana folder, and I get :

ERROR  unknown command plugin  Usage: bin/kibana [command=serve] [options]  Kibana is an open source (Apache Licensed), browser based analytics and search dashboard for Elasticsearch.  Commands:    serve  [options]  Run the kibana server    help  <command>   Get the help for a specific command  "serve" Options:    -h, --help                 output usage information    -e, --elasticsearch <uri>  Elasticsearch instance    -c, --config <path>        Path to the config file, can be changed with the CONFIG_PATH environment variable as well. Use mulitple --config args to include multiple config files.    -p, --port <port>          The port to bind to    -q, --quiet                Prevent all logging except errors    -Q, --silent               Prevent all logging    --verbose                  Turns on verbose logging    -H, --host <host>          The host to bind to    -l, --log-file <path>      The file to log to    --plugin-dir <path>        A path to scan for plugins, this can be specified multiple times to specify multiple directories    --plugin-path <path>       A path to a plugin which should be included by the server, this can be specified multiple times to specify multiple paths    --plugins <path>           an alias for --plugin-dir


Sense was renamed to Console and it is already available on Kibana 5.*. In Kibana, just click on Dev Tools:

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