Project Manager Interview Questions


  1. In your opinion who is the right person to lead projects?
  2. Describe in detail how you handle disruptive and non-productive team members?
  3. Can you tell us the main difference between a project plan and a project schedule? Why both are the important part of a project
  4. Tell us about the budget for the largest project that you have managed till date?
  5. Describe in brief about the workshops and training have you undergone for project planning.
  6. Suppose a new project has arrived where a new set of technical skills are required. How do you ensure that you as well as all the other team members have the required technical skills to deliver and execute the project?
  7. Describe the various activities you do as a project leader when the project is in the initial phase.
  8. Tell us about your greatest strengths and weaknesses as a project leader.
  9. What are the important documents that you need to maintain as a project leader?
  10. There are some projects which enterprise-wide implications. How would you go about handling such a project? Explain what methodologies you adopted as a project leader.
  11. Explain how do you track the activities of the team in your project? How often you communicate with the team about the activities?
  12. How do you prepare the status report of your project?
  13. Explain the scenarios that had let you revise your project plan? Where do you store the plan revision frequency document?
  14. Explain how you assign tasks and delegate work to your team members?
  15. Mention some of the project management tools you have used in your project. How did they help?
  16. What are the main qualities and attributes to be possessed by a good project leader?
  17. If any of the team members come to you with their personal problems, how do you handle it?
  18. Explain with an example how do you choose the appropriate lifecycle for a particular project?
  19. How often do you communicate with the project manager about the progress of the project?
  20. Have you ever used Microsoft Project in your project?
  21. How do you keep the team members informed about the current status, goals, and milestones of the project?
  22. How do you deal with a team member who is least interested in work?
  23. What do you think are the qualifications and experiences that are required to be an effective project leader?
  24. What learning is very important for a project leader?
  25. Describe the induction processes a project leader must plan for a new team member?
  26. Tell us some of the steps that you have taken as a project leader to reduce the stress and tension among team members.
  27. What is project schedule and what do you include in it?
  28. Explain how you identify the risks associated with your project. How do you document it?
  29. What is Software Project Management Plan (SPMP)? How do you create it?
  30. After coming to office, how do you plan the activities for the day?
  31. What is the document you need to maintain for your project activities, your schedules and goals, and milestones?
  32. When and how the senior management review the progress of your project?
  33. If you are to find a new project leader what will be the most important qualities you will look for?
  34. How often do you review the work that is done by a team member?
  35. How do you calculate the effort estimate for your project? Do you document the estimation procedure?