Job Layoff News in India

Layoff happening across different companies in India, 2013-2018

1,00,000 professionals lost job in Big 3 – Infosys, Wipro & TCS 
Business Automation Has Cost 1,00,000 people their jobs in Infosys, Wipro & TCS in a Year

IBM Layoff, Jan 2016
IBM To Sack Over 1,00,000 Employees In The Biggest Corporate Layoffs Ever. Indian employees form 20-25% of IBM’s overall workforce

NetApp Layoff, Jan 2016
NetApp India lays off over 150 in Bengaluru.

Microsoft Layoff, Sep 2014
Microsoft gives notice to 2,100 employees in second round of layoffs

IBM Layoff, 2014
IBM to cut 15,000 jobs globally in Feb, 2014, 50 employees are handed pink slip on Feb 12, 2014. Fresh rounds of firing are expected to start from Bangalore.

IBM Layoff, 2013

The layoffs began June 12, 2013 and published reports put the total between 6,000 and 8,000 employees, with the majority occurring outside North America. With India having the largest employee pool of IBM, a significant no of employees are going to be shown the door. Reports are expected in a few days 

NetApp Layoff, 2013

The California-based $6-billion NetApp plans to lay off 300 people in India as part of a global workforce reduction programme. Currently NetApp has 2000 people in the RnD center in Bangalore. According to US investment bank Piper Jaffray, that NetApp is globally laying off 1,300 people.

Zynga Layoffs

Around 400 employees are working for Zynga in India as of May 2013. The company plans to layoff 520 employees and in India, where they have set up offices in Bangalore, the expected layoff will around 30 employees.

Royal Bank of Scotland structured layoff

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) started laying off some of its 1,000 employees in India, started from March, 2013. There is no confirmed news, but around 250-300 employees will be shown the door, as the company is winding down its operation in India.

Electronic Arts Layoff

Around 50 employees at EA’s Hyderabad studio have been laid off in the month of April. However, EA has declined to provide specific details on the layoffs at EA Hyderabad. According to EA statement “These are difficult decisions to let go of good people who have made important contributions to EA, and whenever possible we retrain or relocate employees to new roles”.

2017: 56,000 layoffs and counting

For Indian techies, 2017 was the stuff of nightmares.

One of the top employment generators until a few years ago, India’s $160 billion IT industry laid off more than 56,000 employees this year. Some analysts believe this spree was worse than the one during the 2008 financial crisis. Meanwhile, hiring plummeted, with entry-level openings having more than halved in 2017, according to experts.

2018: Amazon layoffs in the US

On Monday, US media reported that Amazon was laying off “hundreds” of employees in Seattle, as well as several others in its global operations. Amazon confirmed to the US media that this was part of its annual planning process, and that it was making head-count adjustments across the company.