What are Overused or abused programming techniques?

1.Comments in Code:

I just wish the University Professors would understand they don’t need to teach their students to write 10 lines of comments saying the following code is a for loop, iterating from 1 to a number of x. I can see that in the code!

Teach them to write self-documenting code first then appropriate commenting on what cannot be adequately self-documenting second. The software world would be a better place.
Teaching them to replace comments with the code would be a good start.

I shudder when I see a try catch that does nothing and is designed to handle dumb logic. In general try catches are overused, however in some cases are very useful.

2. The singleton design pattern: 

Sure, it’s a useful pattern but every time a new programmer learns about this pattern he starts trying to apply it to every single class he creates.

3. try catch Block: 
The evilest thing to protect dumb programming. putting everything in a try catch and doing nothing with the catch

        try        {            int total = 1;            int avg = 0;            var answer = total/avg;        }        catch (Exception)        {        }


  1. Using the compiler as a debugger.
  2. Ignoring compiler warnings or turning them off completely.
  3. Global variables.

5. Factory pattern

The Factory pattern is the most overused and abused design pattern.

I have come across numerous cases where a Factory class is coded when a simple constructor would be adequate.