Samsung Interview Questions | C/C++/Java/Operating System | Set 1

1. how much memory can calloc and malloc can allocate???

2. What is memory alignment in terms of compiler?

3. Write a program to find 2 complement of a number

4. write a class which exposes only 20 of its Objects containing two methods borrowObject and returnObject. Code must be thread-safe. Also, write a method to get the number of Live Objects(Objects currently in use by other classes).

5. There are some exceptions that cannot be caught by try catch. How to catch such exceptions? Can we prevent our program to crash if we are not able to catch such exceptions?

6. Write a function that returns a boolean value, if two strings(passed as input) represent the same algebraic equation, depending upon whether the strings are same or not. I guess, the length of both strings are equal, but not sure, and the operators involved are +, *, /, ^, (, )

7. find the length of the string without using inbuilt methods in java

8. Implement blocking queue 

9. Explain Producer Consumer 

10. How do you Design Access Specifier in C?