Samsung Interview Questions asked in Samsung 3 Hour Test | Set 1

We are Providing All Questions for you :

  • 1. Given an array of numbers, find whether a particular digit exist in the numbers of array
  • 2. A binary matrix of n X m, you have to toggle any column k number of times so that you can get maximum rows having all 1
  • 3. Given a graph having edges defining the probability of going to a particular node, say edge u-v denotes the probability of going v from u. you can stay at any node for 10 minutes. Starting from node 1, on which node you will be after T minutes and with what probability.
  • 4. Find a cycle, if exists, in a directed graph. If there is none, print 0. If there is one, print the path starting from the first node of the cycle to the last. If there are more than one, print any path. Test cases to be passed-10 max
  • 5.  It was a combination of Rat in a Maze and longest subpath problem.
  • 6. Find if given graph is bipartite or not, if it is bipartite then print either white color nodes or black color nodes. 
  • 7. Find a cycle in the graph  
  • 8. Find a cycle in LinkedList  
  • 9. Variation of traveling salesman solved using backtracking (Optimization on traveling salesman )
  • 10. We were given a graph question. We have to find the loop in the graph if it exists and print the nodes of the loop in sorted order.