Java bean validation 2.0 vs Hibernate validator

Bean validation 2.0 vs Hibernate validator

Bean Validation 2.0 is a Java specification called JSR-380 which defines the API.

Hibernate Validator (6.0.1+) is the reference implementation, and currently the only certified implementation of JSR-380.

The Bean Validation API jar, e.g. validation-api-2.0.1.jar, contains only interfaces/annotations etc, no implementations.

Compare Bean Validation 2.0 specification JSR-380  with the Java Persistence API (JPA) specification JSR-317. There are several different vendors with competing JPA implementations, including Hibernate, EclipseLink (the reference implementation for JSR-317), OpenJPA etc.

But in the case of Bean Validation 2.0, there just are no competing implementations at present, just the reference implementation.

Some useful info:

Java specifications Request (JSRs) are developed under the Java Community Process (JCP). In addition to delivering a formalized specification for an API, the JSR would often include a reference implementation but other vendors are free to provide their own implementation.


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