Is there some serious R&D stuff going over there at Samsung Research Institute, Noida?


Answer Given By People(Most Important you can trust these answers – Admin):


People 1: “Nopes! Just bug-fixing. Though now they started a separate team for innovations. But if you are not in that team u got nothing and members are chosen randomly. Again u never know when they drop this team also or you from that team.


R&D =Read and Debug
– Anonymous


People 2: “No serious work !! Wait for 1–2 years, there will not be any work left in the organization as work is getting shifted to other overseas centers.

– Anonymous

People 3: “No. Most of the Quality R&D work takes place at their Head Quarters in Korea. Even the little R&D that was given to India is slowly being moved away to China and other South East Asian countries.”

– Anonymous

People 4: “I have never laughed so hard in past 5 years than I am doing right now, reading this question. If this is the research which is going on at SRI-N then I would prefer dying in peace.”

– Anonymous

People 5: “In India, NO”

– Vivek Negi, worked at Samsung Mobile India


In One Line: Samsung Noida ->   R & D  = Read and Debug 


 Not Research and Development