Hierarchy of HTTP and Communication -HTTP Tutorial

Hierarchy of HTTP

HTTP has the following four hierarchies.

Application layerDetermine the movement of communication to be used in the application. TCP / IP is also included in this
Transport layerProvide data flow between computers connected by the network. There are TCP and UDP.
Network layerThe layer responsible for moving packets on the network. The path of the network is also decided by this layer.
Link layerA layer that carries configuration information related to hardware. Connections with device drivers and cable connections.

Communication order

When actually communicating, information is handled in the following form.

When sending:

  1. Specify the web page requested by the application layer with an HTTP request.
  2. We divide the HTTP requests coming from the application layer finely in the transport layer and give serial numbers and port numbers.
  3. Add the destination MAC address in the network layer.
  4. An HTTP request is sent from the link layer.

On reception:

  1. Receive HTTP request from link layer.
  2. Remove the MAC address information at the network layer.
  3. Assemble HTTP requests finely divided at the transport layer based on serial numbers and port numbers.
  4. Get information on the web page specified in the application layer.