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How do I compare strings in Java?

== tests for reference equality (whether they are the same object). .equals() tests for value equality (whether they are logically “equal”). Objects.equals() checks for nulls before calling .equals() so you don’t have to (available as of JDK7, also available in Guava). Read more…

Design Pattern

Polymorphism vs Strategy Design Pattern

For me, the link from CKing post and the example in Wikipedia are clear enough, but I’ll try to give you a new example. As they said, Strategy Pattern is mostly a way to change Read more…

Eclipse Tutorial

How do I decompile Java class files? and How to use java decompiler in Eclipse?

Every java developer faces with a situation when he needs to see the source of some java class. But not always libraries are completed with the source code, and you can’t see the sources by Read more…