Advice for startup founders | best Tips for Startup Founders

May 08, 2021

Advice for startup founders:

When was the last time you bought a product or service, because the founder is from IIT, or because the founder hasn't drawn a salary for the past 6 months, or that the founder is going through depression?

You couldn't care less! No one cares a fuck about who you are. 

The market is the market!
It doesn't care about who you are, as a founder. Which school you went to. What you have given up to get to this point.

And that is hard hitting for a lot of people who are used to things working their way because of where they come from in life. 
As a founder, you are a celebrity, whether you like it or not.

Every word you speak will be analyzed, every action of yours will be reproduced, every standard you allow will set a new standard.
Think of how you speak, how you act and the standards you accept. 
Investors are in the business of entering and exiting businesses.
They are not in the business of making your business work.
If entering your business works for them, they will enter. But they will also eventually exit.
They NEED to exit.
That's the business they are in. 
Even a bad team can work in a good market.
But a good team can't make a bad market work.

The market is (almost) everything. 
As a founder, the only time you are called successful is when you take unpopular decisions and they work out.

Taking popular decisions is "easy".
And If your decisions don't work out, then you are as it is good for nothing.

That's massive odds against you. 
Early on, the only hiring technique that works is
Attitude >> Experience >> Education

At some point in your evolution, you will need
experience >> attitude.

you won't know when precisely.

So you will continue to hire for attitude, fuck up, put pressure on yourself to make them work and blame yourself a lot more than you ought to have. 
Everyone is fucked! EVERYONE!
But it is only in close quarters that they will admit to it, or you will be able to see it.
Until then, you will drown yourself in self doubt everyday, thinking you are the only fucktard who doesn't get it, when everyone else around you does. 
Your emotional and mental state as a founder has a direct impact on your startup.

People see that you are anxious.
They know when you are depressed.
Don't pretend to wear red underwear over your pants.
Act human. Be human.
Its ok - no one was born knowing how to be a founder 
Entrepreneurship is fucking hard.
The early excitement of building a team, planning a name, launching the first version will fade away.

And insane details that life has, will begin to emerge.
At that point, there is only one thing that will help.
The stories you tell yourself. 
Usain Bolt prepares for his race.
And then he runs the race. And wins.
That moment - when he crosses the finish line. That's etched in history.

Such moments are rare, if at all, when you are a founder.
It is the journey you have to fall in love with. There is no destination! 
You will have to layoff people. At some point.
And tell you what - it will be your fucking fault.
Not a pandemic, not your investors, not your customers.
And that will kill you within, the first time it happens. 
You will feel like a murderer. An asshole.
And nothing would have prepared you to deal with it.

It will be the first thing you will think of every morning.
Until one day, when it won't be. 
People will come to you with problems.
You'll think they have come for solutions.
No - they have come with problems.
But you will burden yourself with the search of the solution.
And if you don't find it, which most likely you won't, you will knowingly offer a lousy solution. 
You will take everything personally.

The stapler not working - your fault.
People leaving - your fault.
Office is far for people - your fault.
You are not growing - your fault.
You will share credit for all the good things.
And kill yourself within for all the things gone wrong. 
The world will continue to define success and failure for you
Raised money - success
Forbes list - success
Shut down - failure
Not growing - failure

You will live someone's life, unless you realize it.
And start living yours. 
In the end, keep reminding yourself of why you became a founder in the first place.

You wanted to be happy doing it, feel fulfilled being one, desired peace from it.
Or whatever else was it.

Because that is the only thing the matters.
Fuck the market. Do what is right for you. 

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Stocks to invest 2 Lakhs for Long term in India

April 06, 2021

  1. Invest 50k in mutual funds for minimum 3 years locking period. Locking period is must, so that you can not take money while market go significantly high or low. Locking periods will help you to become an investor. You can invest 50k in 3–4 mutual funds. I will invest in 3 mutual funds for safety. Because one mutual fund can give bad returns.
  2. 20k in IRCTC
  3. 20K Infosys
  4. 20k HDFC BANK
  5. 20k nestle
  6. 20k Kotak Mahindra Bank
  7. 20k Asian Paint
  8. 20k Jublient Food (domino pizza)
  9. 10k IDFC First Bank

Total: 2Lakh


Ques: What is your expected rate of return?

Ans: I can not predict this but one thing I am hopeful it will be better than FD + inflation (6 + 6* = 12%). I am expecting a minimum of more than 12% return in long term (3–5years). For better return to can invest when the market crashes or significantly down (more than 10% from peak)


Ques: Will locking the amount in MF increases the returns and secondly, what if MF starts underperforming in the lock-in period

Ans: You can invest 50k in 3–4 mutual funds. I have invested in 5 mutual funds to overcome this issue.


Ques: Shouldn't we include gold bond or ETF and small case in it


Small case - i dont feel comfortable in small case. I want to add stock 1 by 1, in case of smallcase you have to add all in one. You can think of your portfolio as 1 smallcase. And managing 1 smallcase is always an easy task.

Gold - Gold has only given better return when they is a big problem in the world like Spanish flew (1920), Tech bubble, 2008 recession, corona. Other than that it doesn't give any good return. You can check the gold historic 100 years chart.

Etf: you can go with this.

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Risk Hai To ISHQ hai Stocks for Long Terms:

March 30, 2021

 Risk Hai To ISHQ hai Stocks for Long Terms:

  1. IDFC First Bank
  2. Yes Bank
  3. IDBI Bank


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10 Interesting Facts About Zomato | Unknown facts about Zomato | Zomato IPO

March 22, 2021

Dosa, butter chicken, delicious no and where can you find all of these, Zomato. 

So here are 10 interesting facts about Zomato.

  1. Fact number one: started as a food directory around 2008 people in Delhi were fed up with manual searching of delivery menus of different restaurants around them the pinder goyal and Pankachanda the founders of Zomato spotted this opportunity and launched a food directory service they called it foodie bay in just nine months it became the largest and most popular restaurant directory in all of Delhi wonder how foodie bay became the meadow check the next 
  2. Fact number two: rebranding of food eBay we always hear "Naam Karayi" but for startups and brands it becomes very important to have a quick catchy name which resonates with their business offerings with the same in mind the pindar and Pankaj rebranded their foodie bay as Zomato in 2010. when asked in an interview about rebranding the pinder said the basic idea was to make sure that the food was the crux of the brand's name and that people thought of food when they heard this term so Zomato is a play on the word tomato and also that they wanted to avoid any confusion in future with eBay when going international 
  3. number three: going public why do companies go public because they need funds so Zomato is planning to raise up to 7 300 crores through its IPO in 2021 this IPO will mostly be a 100 primary offering which means the amount will be raised without any existing investor exiting or selling the shares this will be one of the biggest IPO by a startup in India obviously it will be listed in India but they are also considering the option of overseas listing we are really pumped up about this news now we hope Zomato has a 50 off on their IPO lot for its loyal customers 
  4. number four: investing in Zomato, Zomato IPO is expected this year but what if you could somehow put your money in the matter today as of Feb 2021 info edge one of the investors in Zomato owns eighteen point four per cent stake in the company and guess what info edge is a publicly listed company already so by investing in info edge you can indirectly invest in Zomato's for now in Feb 2021 Zomato was valued at around 39 000 crores which are a little over half of what info edge is worth which is around 73 000 crores if you have already invested in info h you might have seen the stock going up wherever there is positive news about the matter you can any time check the performance of info h on our website 
  5. number five: becoming profitable lockdown has impacted a lot of businesses but Zomato rose like a champ its revenue grew from 1300 crores in FY 2019 to 2800 crores in FY 2020. it's already profitable at the EBITDA level in the food delivery business during q2 2020. it was burning about 290 crores every month but now generating about 28 crores in profits this growth rate will probably make Zomato king of the food delivery business in India 
  6. number six: going international being an Indian startup many people might think Zomato operates only in India in fact Zomato is present in more than 10 000 cities globally want to hear something exciting it's the only food delivering an app that operates in 24 countries like Sri Lanka the united kingdom the Philippines united Arab emirates Qatar and more these guys are going for it all 
  7. number seven: craze over the marketing from sending chole's batura invitation mail to using the delivery guy's happy face all over social media Zomato's marketing campaigns have been on point if you see it you can't ignore it it's like if it's the red colour it's probably as a matter their Zomato premier league campaign saw the participation of more than 40 lakh users to cheese buddy here must to attract all the people who love extra cheese this is the matter using Bollywood references at its best let us know in the comments about your favourite Zomato ad 
  8. number eight: most ordered dish well no surprises here tomatoes most ordered dish in India is biryani there were over 44 lakh orders placed on tomato just during the pandemic 2020. it's like Zomato delivered 22 biryanis every minute I feel like ordering a biryani right now 
  9. number 9: costliest order placed can you guess the most expensive order amount ten thousand twenty thousand fifty thousand no it was an astonishing two lakh rupees order to be precise it was a one lakh ninety-nine thousand nine fifty rupees order we wonder who this person is and for how many people's order was placed interestingly this person also got a discount enough to buy a new iPhone 12 mini 
  10. number 10: average daily orders on an average Zomato gets 12.5 lakh orders every day that is almost as many visitors as taj mahal gets from overseas in a month from pizza to momos people have ordered a large amount of food during the pandemic 
so these were 10 interesting facts about Zomato in this series from ticker tape we bring interesting facts from different companies sectors and famous stock market personalities if you want us to make a video on any of your favourite topics or personalities let us know in the comment section below we appreciate the time you have invested in watching this video we have curated these videos for you to watch next in case you have any questions or feedback drop them in the comment section below or reach out to us on social media we'll be happy to respond to and resolve your queries you.

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Top 50 Monopoly Stocks of India

March 19, 2021

  1. IRCTC: 100% Market share in Rail Network.
  2. IEX: 90% market share in power trading.
  3. Zydus wellness: 90% market share in the sugar-free product.
  4. Eicher Motors: 85% market share in the 250cc bikes category.
  5. MCX: 85% market share in commodity trading.
  6. Coal India: 80% market share in coal production in India.
  7. ITC: 75% market share in cigarettes.
  8. Honda Siel: 75% in portable power generators.
  9. Hindustan Zinc: 75% market share in the primary zinc industry.
  10. Asahi India Glass: 70% market share in automotive glass.
  11. NRB Bearings: 70% market share in needle roller bearings.
  12. Pidilite: 65% market share in adhesives.
  13. CAMS: 65% market share in RTA within the mutual fund industry.
  14. Time Technoplast: 65% market share in polymer-based industrial packaging.
  15. Concor: 65% market share in domestic container cargo transport.
  16. Exide: 60% market share in lead batteries.
  17. Naukri: 60% market share in the Indian job market space.
  18. Praj: 60% market share in ethanol plant installing.
  19. Indiamart Intermesh: 55% market share in the online B2B Classified space.
  20. Borosil Renewables: 55% market share in Lab glass.
  21. Vst Tillers: 50% market share in Power tillers.
  22. Delta corp: 50% in online poker games.
  23. Vinati Organics: 50% market share in IBB.
  24. OCCL: 50% market share in IS.
  25. LMW: 50% market share in textile machinery.
  26. Bajaj consumer: 50% market share in the almond hair oil.
  27. Asian paints: 50% market share in decorative paints.
  28. Colgate: 50% market share in oral care.
  29. Symphony: 50% market share in coolers.
  30. PGHH: 50% market share female care & vaporub.
  31. La Opala Rg: 50% market share in opalware.
  32. HLE Glasscoat: 50% market share in filtration & drying equipment.
  33. Maruti Suzuki: 50% market share in passenger cars.
  34. APL Apollo: 50% market share in structural & pre galvanized tubes.
  35. GMM pfaudler: 50% market share in glass-lined equipment.
  36. Marico: 40% market share in hair oil (coconut) & edible oil.
  37. HUL: 40% market share in soaps, household products.
  38. Nestle: 40% market share in Instant noodles. >95% in infant nutrition.
  39. Blue dart: 40% market share in air express courier service.
  40. VIP: 40% market share in luggage.
  41. USL: 40% market share in spirits/whisky.
  42. UBL: 40% market share in beer.
  43. Sundram fasteners: 40% market share in fasteners.
  44. Nocil: 40% market share in rubber chemicals.
  45. Gillette: 40% market share in razors & blades.
  46. Alkyl Amines: 40% market share in DMAHCL.
  47. TTK Prestige: 40% market share in pressure cookers.
  48. Hero Motocorp: 35% market share in 2 wheelers.
  49. Reliance: 35% market share in telecom.
  50. Britannia: 35% market share in biscuits.

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Best Restaurants in Whitefield Bangalore for Dinner

March 19, 2021

Top 10 Restaurants in Whitefield Bangalore for Dinner

  1. Kapoor's Cafe
  2. Barbeque Nation
  3. Windmills Craftworks
  4. Mainland China
  5. AB's - Absolute Barbecues
  6. Toscano
  7. Whitefield Baking Company
  8. Alto Vino
  9. M Cafe
  10. WBG - Whitefield Bar and Grill

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भारत में सर्दियों के लिए सर्वश्रेष्ठ कंबल | Best Blankets for Winter in India | बेड का मिंक कंबल

March 19, 2021

नोट: मैंने इसे खुद खरीदा है। इसलिए मैं इसकी सिफारिश कर रहा हूं।

स्पैंगल सेल्फ डिज़ाइन सिंगल मिंक ब्लैंकेट (माइक्रोफ़ाइबर, मैजेंटा)

भारत में सर्दियों के लिए सर्वश्रेष्ठ कंबल

SPANGLE स्वयं डिजाइन डबल एसी कंबल

  • प्रकार: मिंक कंबल
  • आकार: 146 सेमी x 222 सेमी
  • आदर्श उपयोग: भारी सर्दी
  • का पैक: 1
  • वजन: 1200 ग्राम

मिंक कंबल उनके पंख-वजन के हल्केपन, कोमलता और गर्मी के लिए जाने जाते हैं। मिंक कंबल अधिक पारंपरिक ऊन और कपास के कंबल के कल्पनाशील दूसरे चचेरे भाई हैं। यह भारत में आधुनिक दक्षिण कोरियाई मशीनों के साथ सिले हुए आयातित यार्न पॉलिएस्टर सामग्री की अच्छी गुणवत्ता के साथ संसाधित किया जाता है जो बेहतर कुशनिंग प्रभाव, आराम और लंबे समय तक चलने वाले जीवन की ओर जाता है। मिंक कंबल में स्व-उभरा हुआ सिंगल साइड प्रिंट है। यदि आपने कभी अपने लिए लक्जरी कोरियाई मिंक कंबल का अनुभव नहीं किया है, तो आप कोरिया के बेहतरीन उत्पादों और सुख-सुविधाओं में से एक को याद कर रहे हैं। ये टॉप-ग्रेड मिंक कंबल बहुत नरम, मोटे और शानदार हैं। हम बाजार पर कोरियाई मिंक कंबल का सबसे अच्छा प्रस्ताव देते हैं, हमें विश्वास है कि आपको वह मिलेगा जो आप ढूंढ रहे थे। अगर कोई बेडरूम में एक अनूठी शैली की तलाश कर रहा है, तो मिंक कंबल जांच के लायक है। मिंक कंबल की स्थायित्व और जीवन अवधि बहुत अच्छी है और हमारे पास चुनने के लिए डिजाइनों की विस्तृत वर्गीकरण है। हमारे पास अलग-अलग वजन, डिजाइन और जानवरों के प्रिंट में मिंक कंबल के विभिन्न गुण हैं, जिसमें लक्जरी सेट भी शामिल हैं। मिंक कंबल में स्व-उभरा हुआ सिंगल साइड प्रिंट है

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